Election Results, GPU Photo - 2024
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Election Results

Dear members,

The final GPU GB election results were declared on 13th April 2024, during the governing board meeting that was held in Heraklion, Crete, Greece. The following GPU members were chosen for Extraordinary General Assembly to work on and to control all the votes arrived from members by email and physical voting: 

1. Maria Vogiatzaki (president) 
2. Costas Chalkiadakis (member) 
3. Giasemi Amonachaki (member) 
The first seven members with the majority of the votes entered a new governing board, and 8th and 9th positions were chosen as supplementary members. We welcome the new member of the GB Guilhelm Ribart from France, and we thank all 16 candidates for their efforts.
The composition of the new governing board is as follow
Manolis Metzakis – president Greece 
Marija Milovanović Maksimović - secretary-general Serbia 
Claudio Calosi – vice-president Italy 
Saeed Al Shamsi – vice-president UAE 
Guo Jing – vice-president China 
Daniel De Cort – treasurer Belgium 
Guilhelm Ribart – member France 
The final voting results
1. Manolis Metzakis 
2. Guo Jing 
3. Saeed Al Shamsi 
4. Claudio Calosi 
5. Marija Milovanovic Maksimovic
6. Guilhem Ribart 
7. Daniel De Cort 
8. Tony Davies 
9. Peteri Mussalo 
10. Kazazis Georgios 
11. Seargent Anna 
12. Sanguineti Hajime 
13. Evans Stephen 
14. Koprulu Filiz 
15. Lim Mahendra Putra 
16. Silva Shenal
My regards
Marija Milovanovic Maksimovic
GPU General Secretary

G.P.U., Global Photographic Union

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