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Shangtuf Image and Art
Shangtuf Image and Art is the base of GPU-China, a division that the Global Photographic Union (GPU) has set up in China.

Shangtuf Image and Art is the base of GPU-China, a division that the Global Photographic Union (GPU) has set up in China. It is committed to photography exchanges among photographers and photography community at home and abroad, recommending outstanding Chinese photographers to become members of international photography organisations. It is a professional agency for international photography competitions, and more importantly, a platform for photographic art exchange with the rest of the world, introducing works of Chinese photography works to other countries as well as bringing photography works of the international photographers to the Chinese photography community.

Since founded in 2011, Shangtuf has successfully held exhibitions of Chinese photographers’ works in the United States, Ukraine, Poland, Italy, United Kingdom, and Sri Lanka. From 2003, Shangtuf took an active part in orgnizing exchange events with collaborators in various countries, events such as “Beautiful Countries: China, Russia, Ukraine” international Photographic Art Exchange Exhibition, “Wind from the East” US-China Photographic Art Exhibition, “Chinese Culture and Life” China -German Photographic Art Exhibition and “Beautiful Countries” China-South Africa Photographic Art Exhibition, “Belt and Road” into North Africa and Photo Exchange Event to Celebrate 60th Anniversary of China-Morocco Bilateral Relationship, Photo Exchange Event to Celebrate 40th Anniversary of Bilateral Relationship between China and Oman, “Belt and Road” into Middle East Country &China-UAE Photographic Exchange Event. Shangtuf also send works of Chinese photographers to exhibit at Siena International Photo Festival and 2018 Morocco “Rabat Lulmieres” Festival.

Meanwhile, Shangtuf also collaborates with photographers from overseas countries to exhibit their works at major photo festivals in China. Photographers from dozens of countries like United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Greece, Singapore, Germany, Austrian, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Ukraine, etc, showcase their works at festivals with renowned international reputation such as Pingyao International Photo Festival, Lishui International Photo Festival, Photo Beijing, Shanghai International Photo Festival, Dali International Photo Exhibition, Qinghai International Photo Festival, Yixian International Photo Exhibition. Shangtuf also curated and jointly organized “Camel Bell on Silk Road” First China Naiman International Photo Festival, Taizhou Photo Week 2023, Jiaojiang Citizen’s Photo Festival, and Cross Strait Photography Culture Week.


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