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A different system of GPU TITLES based on stunning photo collections is:

  • Aphrodite: 2 photos from 5 different categories (out of 10 categories)
  • Hermes: 5 photos from 5 different categories (out of 10 categories)
  • Zeus: 10 photos from 5 different categories (out of 10 categories)

The 10 categories among which the author can choose are:

  1. Monochrome
  2. Portrait
  3. Nature
  4. Landscape
  5. Creative
  6. Snapshots / Street photography
  7. Travel
  8. Nude / Staged photography
  9. Sports / Journalism
  10. Architecture

The member that wish to apply for a distinction must be a member at least one year, or have a membership for 3 years.

He must apply step by step for the distinction, first for Aphrodite, then for Hermes and at the end for Zeus.

The photos must be sent (by email or by wetransfer) in digital format and high resolution (minimum of 2500 pixel maximum dimension at 300 dpi) to:


Saeed Al Shamsi
GPU Titles, Collections and Distinctions


The same images cannot be used in more than one title. The number of judges who will be involved in assessing GPU TITLES are 5, chosen by the GPU Governing Board from different countries every year and communicated by the newsletter and/or website. Remember, it is outstanding portfolios of work that are required for awarding GPU TITLES.

To obtain the Aphrodite and Hermes title the favorable vote of 3 judges from 5 are requested, while for Zeus 4 favorable votes from 5 are needed.

There is only one assessment date per year for GPU TITLES. The closing date for sending applications and CD’s are 31st of May and 31st of October each year and the results will be declared by 10th February the following year. It will not be possible to return the CD’s.

All applications and CD’s received after 31st October will be held and assessed the following year.

The cost of each Distinction is 30€ and can be paid in one of 2 ways.

A. Payment by electronic bank transfer (Preferred Method) for the full amount (Bank Account GPU; IBAN: BE92 7340 2604 5923 BIC: KREDBEBB ) quoting TITLE and the level applied for

B. Payments to GPU through the PayPal system, please quote the e-mail address that follows for the full amount and quoting TITLE and the level applied .

As Attachment you can find the rules and the forms for applying for the above distinctions


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