Apply for a Grand Master Distinction

GPU PHOTO Grand Master Pin

Grand Master represents a prestigious and the highest title offered by GPU to the honorary bestowed members upon accomplished photographers, this title is reserved for individuals who have demonstrated exceptional skill of Art Photography. Achieving the Grand Master title, members must have previously achieved either the “Crown 5 Title” or the “Zeus Title” before being eligible for the Grand Master designation.

To apply for a GRAND MASTER Distinction it is required to be regular G.P.U. member! (Members must have 3 years membership or at least 2 years remaining as active member)


As part of the qualification process, members are required to submit a portfolio consisting of 50 photos. These photos are expected to collectively represent an artistic and storytelling body of work.

The emphasis on “artwork storytelling” suggests that the submitted portfolio should not only showcase technical proficiency but also convey a narrative or thematic coherence.

The storytelling aspect may involve a cohesive visual or conceptual thread that ties the individual photographs together. Must be a series of one category or theme linked to gather as a story.

The application fees for GPU Grand Master are € 260.

– Re applying for GPU Grand Master after not having minimum favorable votes, should be one year after the previous application date.

– Re applying for GPU Grand Master after not having minimum favorable votes, is € 100.

  1. by Electronic Bank Transfer(preferred method) for the full amount. Bank: KBC; IBAN: BE92 7340 2604 5923 BIC: KREDBEBB quoting “GMASTER”.
  2. PayPal quoting “GMASTER”.

The   photos   and   files   must   be uploaded directly   on the website, in digital format and high resolution (minimum of 2500 pixel dimension (longest side) at 300 dpi).

NOTE: GPU will use those photos for publications and show then online at the Grand Master page, at GPU website.

Application for GPU Grand Master is, from 1st to 30th September only.

For any inquiry please contact: