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Titles Distinctions

To apply for a TITLES Distinction it is required to be regular G.P.U. member!

A different system of GPU TITLES based on stunning photo collections are:


  • Aphrodite: 2 photos from 5 different categories (out of 15 categories)

  • Hermes: 5 photos from 5 different categories (out of 15 categories)

  • Zeus: 10 photos from 5 different categories (out of 15 categories)

The member that wishes to apply for a distinction must be a member at least one year or have a membership for 3 years.

The member must apply step by step for the distinction. First for Aphrodite, then for Hermes and at the end for Zeus. One application only per year (12 months).

Zeus: Members can apply for Zeus Title directly bypass Aphrodite and Hermes, by respecting the following conditions:

– (only artwork storytelling portfolio – 30 to 40 photos)
– Member must have 3 years Membership or at least 2 years remaining as active.

Fees is € 200 and valid only for one jury panel.

– Resubmitting after not having sufficient votes: resubmitting, after one year from the previous application
– Resubmitting application’s fees € 100.

. . . 

The application fees for GPU Titles are:
APHRODITE title is € 40.
HERMES title is € 50.
ZEUS title is € 65.

Re applying for all other titles (Step by step application: Aphrodite, Hermes, and Zeus), after not having minimum favorable votes is € 10.

As a guideline the author can choose from the following categories:

  1. Architecture
  2. Creative
  3. Drone Photography
  4. Journalism
  5. Macro
  6. Monochrome
  7. Nature
  8. Nude
  9. Portrait
  10. Scape
  11. Still life
  12. Street photography
  13. Staged photography
  14. Sports
  15. Travel

The photos and files must be uploaded directly on the website, in digital format and high resolution (minimum of 2500 pixel longest side, resolution at 300 dpi) WITHOUT FRAMES

The same images cannot be used in more than one title. The number of judges who will be involved in assessing GPU TITLES are 5, chosen by the GPU Governing Board from different countries every year. Remember, it is outstanding portfolios of work that are required for awarding GPU TITLES.

To obtain the Aphrodite and Hermes title the favourable vote of 3 judges from 5 are requested, for Zeus 4 favourable votes from 5 are needed.

While to obtain GPU Grand Master title the favourable vote of 5 judges from 5 are needed.  

There are two-assessment date per year for GPU TITLES.

Applying dates:
– The closing date for sending applications for the first assessment is March 1st. (you can Apply from January 1st to March 1st only) 

– The closing date for sending applications for the Second assessment is October 1st. (you can apply from August 1st to October 1st only.

– Application for Zeus Title directly bypass Aphrodite and Hermes is, from 1st September to 30 September only.



  1. by Electronic Bank Transfer(preferred method) for the full amount. Bank: KBC; IBAN: BE92 7340 2604 5923 BIC: KREDBEBB quoting “Title Name”.
  2. PayPal quoting “Title name”.

For any inquiry please contact: