Apply for a VIP Distinction

VIP Distinctions
VIP Distinctions

To apply for a VIP Distinction it is required to be regular G.P.U. member!

RULES for G.P.U. VIPs (Very Important Photos)

GPU system for VIPs (Very Important Photos) is based on PHOTOS awarded as TOP PRIZE. Unlike the system for CROWNs, the procedure for VIP distinctions does not attribute a score automatically. An evaluation of the prizes submitted by a special committee will be provided.

GPU VIP 1: 5   DIFFERENT   top prize photos
GPU VIP 2: 10  DIFFERENT   top prize photos
GPU VIP 3: 20  DIFFERENT   top prize photos
GPU VIP 4: 30  DIFFERENT   top prize photos
GPU VIP 5: 50  DIFFERENT   top prize photos



The awards eligible for VIPs are the 1st prize, Gold medals, Best Work of Salon in International competitions of any patronage and year. If a Photo Salon is splitted in different categories, the first prize for each category is eligible as well. Neither special prizes nor the one judge’s choices are valid.

It is also possible to submit a photo awarded at the top worldwide renowned exhibitions (i.e. World Press Photo, BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, SONY Awards, Travel Photographer of the Year, IPA Contest, etc.), when it was not a first prize. In this case, GPU will decide at his own discretion about the eligibility for VIPs.


  1. Download the last version of the xls form (the same as for Crowns)
  2. Fill the “Check-list & rules” sheet and the “page A” sheet with personal data: no qualifications must be added to personal data. The titles like “Doctor” will not reported on GPU Certificates.
  3. List the titles of the photos in the sheet “VIP” indicating for each one the most important “top prize” obtained (ONLY ONE).
  4. Save the xls form and send it to the distinctions officer.  Mail to:

Together with the xls form, it is necessary to attach:

  1. the proof (jpg or PDF) of payment of the fee
  2. the proofs of the evidence of the prizes listed in the form, indicating the links to the URL of the official catalogues (preferred) or the jpg or PDF of the pages of the catalogues scanned. The report card, instead, is not accepted as a valid proof
  3. the photos listed in the form (jpg, low resolution, maximum 200 kb)

If the attachments are larger than 10 Mb in total, it is possible to split them into multiple emails, or use either the service or a personal drop-box account

  1. After the documentation has been checked and approved, the distinction officer will ask the applicant to send the same photos in large size (jpg, high resolution, at least 2400pixel, 300dpi).  The images will be used for promoting GPU in exhibitions and catalogues with non-profit purpose. It is intended that the applicant consents to the use of his photos by GPU for non-profit purposes.

The hard copies of the certificates will be sent by post in nearly two months

Costs:  the cost per VIP is  € 45 each level  and must be paid before submitting the application.

The payment can be done:

A. by Electronic Bank Transfer (preferred method) for the full amount. Bank: KBC; IBAN: BE92 7340 2604 5923 BIC: KREDBEBB quoting “VIP” and the level applied for.

B. PayPal  quoting “VIP” and the level applied for.