GPU, at the "1st China Naiman Camel Bell on Silk Road International Photo Festival", Inner Mongolia!

Ιn Naiman, Inner Mongolia, from 31st of August to 4th September 2018 was held the “1st China Naiman Camel Bell on Silk Road International Photo Festival”. Τhe festival was organized mainly by the Naiman Government and GPU joint as a main sponsor and gave a dynamic presence there.

The festival aimed through a wide range of activities to launch “a peace, environmental conversation, development’’ and attracted the attention of photographers in China and the rest of the world.
GPU is well known that has a very sensitive humanitarian profile and so, supported intensively this environmental initiative.

With the valuable help of Miss Guo Jing, GPU Governing Board member and curator of the Naiman Festival, 6 GPU Members and well known photographers from outside China, attended the Naiman Festival :
Mr Saeed Al Shamsi (GPU Governing Board Member-UAE), Miss Ola Allouz (UAE), Miss Eleftheria Konsolaki (GREECE), Mr Subrata Bysack (India), Mr Daniel De Cort ( Belgium ), Mrs Kristien Lindebrings ( Belgium) and Mr Yousif Alhosani (UAE).

GPU President, Mr Manolis Metzakis could not attend the festival due to other important obligations.



GPU main activities during the days of the festival:

At the opening ceremony of the “1st China Naiman Camel Bell on Silk Road International Photo Festival”, Mr Saeed Al Shamsi GPU GB member, gave one of the main speeches of the ceremony, in which he mainly referred to the GPU successful story through last 12 years, and its duty towards its members and community. The committee gave Honorary Credential Recognition to Mr Saeed Al Shamsi, for the selective art photography exhibited during the festival, the exhibition highlighted Inner Mongolia, art and creation in goners of humanities, natural ecology, artistic and creativity sceneries.

The festival attracted the attention of many photographers from all over the country and the world. It received more than 20,000 works by 1384 photographers from 52 countries. GPU Participated with a members’ exhibition, displayed prominently in the ‘foreign photographers exhibition hall’.

GPU members invited in China, had the chance not only to see their works exhibited there (in their own solo exhibitions) but also to capture the unique beauties of the Naiman culture. Camel riding in the desert, beauty pageant, horse races, traditional Naiman restling, traditional Naiman weddings and open market street photography were some of the main activities they participated in. The GPU members invited there were treated as special guests that draw the attention of the locals. As a result, GPU members had the chance to speak to them about GPU and what the federation represents.

Finally, GPU members attended the photo festival were invited in a long and very interesting conference meeting in order to express their opinion about the environmental issues our planet faces and raised a very important question : how photography and photographers can help our environment in danger?

Finally, it needs to be mentioned that GPU joins the festivals of Naiman for the 2nd time.

In 2017, GPU celebrated its 10 years anniversary and that attended Mr Manolis Metzakis (GPU President), Mrs Marija Milovanović Maksimović (GPU General Secretaty), Mr John Law (GPU Vice- President), Mr Claudio Calosi (GPU Vice- President), Mr Freddy Laheye (GPU treasurer), Mr Saeed Al Shamsi (GPU Gov board member) and Miss Guo Jing (GPU Gov Board member).

GPU and its President Mr. Manolis Metzakis, wish to thank the organizers of the ''1st China Naiman Camel Bell on Silk Road International Photo Festival'' and especially the chairman Mr Yushan Li, for their excellent organization, professionalism and great hospitality, GPU GB member Miss Guo Jing and GPU GB member Mr Saeed Al Shamsi for their valuable efforts and support in GPU, and all the GPU members who attended the festival physically or not for their love and care about our federation.


Eleftheria Konsolaki
GPU Support Office


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