GPU Photographic Centers and how to join us

GPU Photographic Centers

Yuan Yongjie - Spectacle (China))

A GPU exhibition center is a dedicated space within a hall that focuses on cultural promotion, established in collaboration with local authorities, photographic clubsor art galleries in the host country.

This recent initiative of our association aims to promote the art of photography, by organizing 1-2 annual GPU members’ exhibitions along with another series of photographic events such as lectures and workshops open to every visitor and free of charge.


In general the tasks and responsibilities for GPU World Center are as follows:

  • Promote GPU among photographers in the country.
  • Run lectures and workshops on behalf of GPU.
  • Celebrate GPU Day every year (photography trips, workshops, photo walk, etc…)
  • Hold annual one or two photographic exhibitions for GPU members in the country or for the work sent by GPU.
  • Participate in turn around Exhibition among GPU World Photography Centers
  • Participate in Biennial GPU World Centers Gathering Week
  • Facilitate, support and assist, GPU Members vesting the country
  • Act as GPU Country Representative, if there is no assigned representative in the country.
GPU Photographic Centers

GPU Photographic Centers

Shangtuf, China – GPU PHOTO CENTER
Carei, Romania – GPU PHOTO CENTER
National Museum of Bucovina – GPU PHOTO CENTER

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GPU reserves the right to terminate any cooperation with a cooperating center when it deems that it does not meet its purposes.